ConstructionBOS CRM integration with Zoho Forms

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Zoho forms is a simple, dynamic, and intuitive application for building the forms you need for your lead generation activities. It also integrates with ConstructionBOS allowing for automated lead creation within your CRM. You can also integrate your forms with your Google Analytics account, allowing you to create measured conversions see our separate post on how to do this here. This gives you greater insight and clarity into your marketing activities.

ConstructionBOS CRM & Zoho Forms Integration

Integrating ConstuctionBOS CRM with Zoho Forms gives you a two way sync for data between the two. This gives you the ability to pre-populate data from ConstructionBOS CRM to your form as well as pushing data from your form submissions into your CRM.

Integrating Zoho Forms

Integrating Zoho Forms with ConstructionBOS CRM includes the following steps:

Step 1 - Create a form

Using Zoho Forms you can create a new form from scratch or choose from the available templates.
Go to: and start building your form.

See also: How to create a form.

Step 2 - Add Zoho CRM Field in the form

You can drag and drop the Zoho CRM field (this will work for mapping your ConstructionBOS CRM fields also) within the form enabling you to:

  • Send a personalised form - Adding the Zoho CRM field allows you to send your existing customers a personalised form that contains their important details pre-populated.
  • Push customer information to CRM - Once your customer submits the form, you might want to add their information as a new record, add notes, events, tasks to the related list, update existing records in ConstructionBOS CRM.

To add Zoho CRM Field in your form

  1. Drag and drop the Zoho CRM Field in your form builder.
  2. In the Add Zoho CRM Field popup do the following:
    1. Select a Module from the drop - down list.
    2. Select the appropriate Layout and Field from the drop-down list.
    3. Enable the checkbox to map fields from Zoho CRM with Zoho Forms to auto populate data in form from ConstructionBOS CRM.

Map the fields and click Save.

Step 3 - Integration from Zoho Forms 

Integrating your form with ConstructionBOS CRM allows you to:

  • Add New Records - The information entered in the form will be added as a new record in your CRM account upon submission.
  • Add Related list - Notes, Events, Tasks, etc. will be added as a related list to an existing record.

Update Record - The value of an existing record will be updated with the entries made in the form.

Field Mapping - This allows you to map mandatory and other fields from ConstructionBOS CRM to the corresponding fields in the form. This means, whenever a from is submitted, the data entered in the form will be captured in the appropriate fields in ConstructionBOS CRM. 
For example, Last name field is added in the form and is mapped with the Last Name field in Zoho CRM. Now when the customer enters the last name and submits the form, that data will be automatically captured in CBOS CRM.

Embed your form on your website or share it via a link, and every submission will now be captured in ConstructionBOS CRM. 

Also see our post on how to track your Zoho Form submissions as goals in Google Analytics.

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