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ConstructionBOS CRM

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ConstructionBOS has over 30 years of CRM & construction industry experience. It is from this experience in dealing with and specifically providing CRM solutions that we designed and developed the ConstructionBOS CRM solution. The idea was to design not just a CRM software package but a complete CRM solution. We wanted to incorporate all the needed aspects to deliver our clients with a meaningful CRM system that is tailored to their business process, offering them real value and overcoming the main barriers to a successful CRM solution. (Check out our article on “The Top 5 CRM Barriers” here!).

CRM Software

ContructionBOS CRM is a cloud based CRM which is feature rich, easy to use and has the ability to integrate with almost every other application used by businesses today. ConstructionBOS CRM helps you engage with leads and customers, gain insights about your business, build a scalable sales process, and grow your business faster.

Business Process Review

ConstructionBOS is a CRM solution, not just software! The first thing we do is conduct a comprehensive business process review. We learn how your organisation works, your sales cycle and processes and all the needed information to allow us to optimise ConstructionBOS for your business.

CRM Data Migration

If you are using a different CRM system we import all your data over to ConstructionBOS for you so your CRM system is ready to hit the ground running. Data migration is a key element of any new system being introduced into an organisation’s business processes and often one of the hardest to get right. A CRM system is only as good as the data it contains. This is why it is so important to get this difficult task correct. ConstructionBOS’ Technical Team are experts at data migration, ensuring that all the necessary information your staff rely on is exactly where it should be.

CRM Configuration

Now we make the all the required adjustments. We set up the fields, modules and workflows which were identified through the business process review. We ensure that ConstructionBOS CRM is set up to not only to support your sales team but is configured to align with all your business process. We make sure your CRM is optimised to utilise ConstructionBOS' vast capabilities, including reporting and analytics. A properly configured CRM is essential to ensuring value from your system along with user adoption, allowing ConstructionBOS CRM to drive your sales, identifying leads and opportunities, leading sales staff through the sales cycle and closing sales faster and more often.

CRM Set Up

This is where ConstructionBOS’ certified Technical team will take you or your organisation's IT staff through the first steps of setting up your CRM Software. Ensuring each user is up and running with the out of the box software application, so to speak. We make sure all your users have access to their ConstructionBOS CRM on all their devices, all synced and ready to use no matter where they are.

CRM Integration

With every ConstructionBOS CRM solution you get a CIS or Barbour ABI integration as standard. This allows ConstructionBOS to automatically bring all the latest construction industry leads directly into your sales pipeline. These leads can be filtered so only the relevant leads are brought in and can be automatically assigned to the relevant team members also ensuring you never miss a deal. To use these feature does require a subscription to CIS or Barbour ABI construction data & lead providing services.

CRM Training

Now ConstructionBOS CRM is set up, configured and ready to go, the next step is for us to come in and provide training for your staff. We will take them through the system, show them how we have identified and customised ConstructionBOS CRM to not just aid their selling activities but to drive them. We train them to utilise the CRM, saving them time, ensuring they never miss opportunities and ensuring they close sales in the quickest turnaround time possible.

At this stage of training ConstructionBOS will often request feedback from your staff, identifying possible further configurations to optimise ConstructionBOS for your staff. This kind of buy-in from your staff will further improve how ConstructionBOS operates for them and ensures they understand its value.

CRM Support

Now your team are using ConstructionBOS reaping the full benefits of a fully optimised CRM system. However, there are always teething problems, adjustments needed or changes in business processes. This is not a problem as ConstructionBOS also includes full technical support within the cost of our standard package. ConstructionBOS clients enjoy the benefits of dealing with our fully trained & certified in-house Technical Support Staff based both in Ireland and the UK. Ensuring your team maintains a meaningful CRM system and saving thousands on the cost of configuration, training and support.

For a free no obligation demo, in which we can import your current CRM system data and really understand how ConstructionBOS can benefit you fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

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