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Support Team Certify in CRM Consultancy

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The ConstructionBOS Construction Industry CRM Solution user base has rapidly grown over the last year. ConstructionBOS has doubled its Technical Support team this month to ensure that we maintain the highest level of Customer Support for our clients. Additionally the full ConstructionBOS team undertook high level training over 2 days in areas such as CRM Consultant, CRM Analytics Consultant and CRM Developers.

With an early start Thursday morning, the team headed to the Netherlands to begin their Certified Training at 9am. After two days of training, all team members successfully passed their training courses gaining certification..

ConstructionBOS knows the value of high quality customer support for our clients. This is why we invest so much in our support team.

ConstructionBOS clients enjoy the benefits of dealing with our fully trained in-house Technical Support staff based both in Ireland and the UK. ConstructionBOS include Technical Support in our standard CRM Solution along with everything from your CRM Software to a full Business Process Review, followed by Installation, Customisation, & Training. Providing a fully customised and easy to use CRM Solution for your sales team.

Congratulations to all the team on successfully passing their certifications!

For more on the ConstructionBOS Full CRM Solution offering and what is included see our Pricing Section

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