At ConstructionBOS we believe that activities drive sales. While you can't control all aspects of a deal, you can control the actions that drive it towards success. Our features are developed with this philosophy in mind.

Construction Project Data

Information from construction data providers such as CIS and Barbour ABI you're subscribed to is automatically synced with your CRM. This includes all projects, project roles, companies and contacts, ensuring no more opportunities fall through the cracks.

Sales Pipeline Management

In any sales organization, your opportunities are the most important records to generate revenue for the organisation. Once a project has been converted to an opportunity you can start your company's sales cycle and start growing your pipeline.
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Activity Management

ConstructionBOS allows you to create business tasks, events and calls, associating them with related opportunities. Each activity has vital information on the date, time, priority level and more, vital to an efficient sales process. Learn More

Email Integration

Email integration is quick and easy, giving you a full overview of interactions with contacts and related opportunities, saving time and improving sales efficiency. Learn More

Reports & Dashboards

ConstructionBOS allows for the creation of reports on all record types, providing valuable insights to you and your sales team. These reports can be transformed into infographics, saving time and providing clarity through visualisation.
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