Activity Management

CRM Activity Management

Activity Management

An important aspect in any CRM is to keep track of all your or your team’s tasks, meetings, calls, events and other activity records. With ConstructionBOS CRM you can neatly organise these records along with the activities associated to them such as follow-up, pre sales and post sales activities, phone conversations etc. All this information available and linked to the relevant contact, account or deal can be invaluable in initiating and tracking pending action items and in recording the results of meetings or events.

In ConstructionBOS CRM, the Activities module is where you can create and associate business tasks, events and calls. Each activity has vital information on the date, time, priority level and notification parameters that is also accessible from within the record it is associated to.

CRM Activities


Task refers to a specific piece of work required to be done within a given time frame. Such as, send a follow up email or send a quotation. In ConstructionBOS CRM, you can create recurring tasks and set reminders to your tasks so that user who the task is assigned to will be notified to remind them.

Create Tasks  | Set Recurring Tasks  | Set Reminders  | Standard Fields

CRM Tasks


Event refers to an activity that happens at a given place and time. Such as a meeting with a potential client or a conference call. In ConstructionBOS CRM, you can create recurring events, set reminders and invite attendees to the event.

Create Events  | Set Recurring Events  | Set Reminders  | Add  Invitees  | Calendar  | Standard Fields


Keep track of the inbound calls (received from leads and customers) and outbound calls (dialled to leads and customers) in ConstructionBOS CRM. ConstructionBOS also easily integrates with a number of VOIP applications like, Twilio, Asterisk and Asterisk, to automate all call logging.

Log a Call  | Associate Calls  | Standard Fields

CRM View 

Take a quick glance at the CRM view to get a clear picture of all the necessary details of activities grouped under four categories based on priority.

CRM View gives users a quick glance at their tasks/events/calls and the related lead/contact/deal details. It gives users a clear picture of all the necessary information that they need to know before starting their task/event/call and also to complete them.

CRM View for Activities  | Create List View

CRM View