CRM Email Integration


Customer emails within CRM.

When your CRM is bespoke configured as all ConstructionBOS CRMs are, your CRM can become the central tool for your business activities, this includes email.

It is vital to know if any of your prospects have responded to your emails. Get immediate alerts from deals and contacts that are most relevant to you, right inside ConstructionBOS CRM. With ConstructionBOS CRM you can reply instantly to emails, add follow-ups, and make notes when needed.

Easy navigation

ConstructionBOS CRM will only make deal, lead, opportunity and account emails accessible within the CRM, automatically cutting through the clutter. Take advantage of ConstructionBOS CRM's reports that show when your emails were delivered, if they've been opened and when they were read. And, since ConstructionBOS CRM associates all emails with their respective customer records, you'll never have to comb through a mountain of messages to send your next round of follow-ups.

Email Template Builder

Utilise email templates to quickly and easily draft required emails, such as introductions or follow ups. The ConstructionBOS email template building tool is a simple drag and drop editor for designing the templates you need. Whether customising one of the 40 available templates in ConstructionBOS or creating your own from scratch, you’ll quickly and easily have a library of ready to go emails for every point in your sales process.

Email Analytics

Reports let you know exactly which email templates had the best open rates and which ones failed to convert. Select from the ones with the highest open rates, update the content in your existing templates, or create new versions altogether. Share the revised templates with your colleagues.

Manage your team

Managers and team leaders can gain clarity using ConstructionBOS CRM's analytics about each salesperson's account to create individual reports based on the number of emails they've sent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Compatible with your favourite email systems

Send and receive emails from the email client of your choice, including Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, and Zoho Mail, so that you never miss a message. Use the standard email configuration to link all incoming emails to your CRM.