Sales Pipeline Management

Sales Pipeline Management

Lead generation

ConstructionBOS’ unique integrated construction data feed* means your pipeline is automatically updated with the latest filtered leads ensuring a constant healthy pipeline and that you never miss an opportunity.

*Requires a Barbour ABI or CIS subscription


Converting a lead into a potential buyer depends on efficient communication and nurturing. From lead generation to scoring to conversion, ConstructionBOS CRM ensures appropriate follow-up to move your leads through the sales funnel.


Don’t forget ConstructionBOS will customise your pipeline according to your business. This along with ConstructionBOS CRM Dashboards will allow you to quickly see where deals are in your pipeline. Visual cues & notifications highlight the actions that are needed to close sales.


Track your sales pipeline from identifying a prospect to winning the deal. Spot the people most likely to buy, and spend more time communicating with them. Divide your sales cycle into stages and prioritise the prospects that matter most at each stage, increasing opportunity wins and sale margins.


Analyse sales activity and track the numbers at every stage of your pipeline. Create funnels for those metrics that matter and know when there is a significant drop or rise in your sales pipeline. With funnels, see your conversion rates, identify where the potentials churn the most, and measure the overall efficiency of your sales process.


All your contacts information can be viewed on a single page within the ConstructionBOS CRM on desktop or mobile. Get insights about your customers at your fingertips. Create notes, tasks, and comments quickly and easily. Custom fields help your team track the most relevant customer information for sales. View purchase histories and know when to cross-sell or up-sell.

Manage Relationships

Anyone on your sales team can provide excellent support to your clients by using the information in ConstructionBOS CRM. Know what it will take to close deals with the businesses you’re selling to by viewing potential deals, contacts, tasks and the ability to view all previous email communications in one screen.