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Since 2012, EnerGlaze has helped improve the overall comfort of thousands of Irish homes by retrofitting Low-E-Plus™ heat-retaining window glass into their existing window frames.

Due to their rapid growth, EnerGlaze naturally moved into Home Energy Upgrades and has introduced a wider choice of energy-efficient and renewable products, designed to increase the year-round comfort of houses across Ireland and help reduce your carbon footprint.


Energlaze came to us with a challenge: They wanted one system to manage their entire business process from Lead to Opportunity. To Job Completed and Job Billed.


Knowing that our CRM solution ConstructionBOS would not be enough for all of Energlaze’s requirements, ConstructionBOS suggested and deployed a bespoke setup of Zoho ONE. This would allow Energlaze to scale up its cloud technology quickly and efficiently as needed.

The main products used were CRM, Books, Analytics, & Creator.

The CRM was set up with the standard functionality of Leads, Accounts, Contacts & Opportunities with a custom module to manage Jobs/Fittings.

Blueprints were the real winner for Energlaze though. Blueprints allowed Energlaze to put manners on the CRM system by enabling them to:

  • Define every stage in a process and associate people with each stage
  • Guide teams through the execution of the process
  • Mandate and validate important information contextually
  • Automate routine actions

Zoho Books was set up for accounting purposes and allowed Energlaze to track Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Invoices directly with CRM Contacts & Accounts.

Analytics was then set up to hang everything together with concise automated reports & dashboards.

Creator- We used Zoho Creator to build and deploy a mobile App to allow selected data to flow to external users and also allow us plan and schedule jobs for fitting.

“ConstructionBOS & Zoho enabled us to grow Energlaze at a rapid pace while keeping our team lean and efficient. The setup & introduction of Blueprints has been invaluable to the business & its successful growth.”

Ian Mahon Director Energlaze

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