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Help us get your business on Zoho One

Zoho One is the one solution for all your business needs from Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales, Support and Operation. However, using the all-in-one software for your business can seem overwhelming at first. With our business experts to help you out, it's a cakewalk.

Zoho One

Business goals made easy with Zoho One

Get the most out of the operating system for business, from start to finish.

Your business functions will be many. Zoho One ties every business function together as a tightly integrated system that functions like a well oiled machine. ConstructionBos helps you match your business correctly in each of the Zoho apps and reduces the complexity for you. Zoho One, the all-in-one business management software has everything your business needs.

Understand and onboard

Business goals made easy with Zoho One

Here's how ConstructionBos gets you the most of the Zoho One:

  • Understand your business
  • Align Zoho One to your needs (integrations, customizations, and more)
  • Migrate data, test, and get the system running

ConstructionBos has been Zoho's authorized partner for years. We understand Zoho's ecosystem and all the apps that run within it. Zoho One being an ecosystem in itself, getting on-boarded yourself might be a little overwhelming at first. That's where we step in. We understand your business needs and processes. We align them to all the apps you'd want to work with and get it running, all at an affordable cost that won't burn a hole in your pockets.

Training your team

Once your business is set up in Zoho One, customized to your needs, we handhold you to understand the product and how to use it with intense training for your internal trainers, administrators, upper management, or whoever deems fit.

ConstructionBos CRM
ConstructionBos CRM

All time support

Have any questions or doubts, we're right here to assist you. From understanding your business, customizing products to your needs, migrating data, training your people, and even after going live, we're always there for you. With ConstructionBos, consider everything taken care of.

Help us help you onboard to Zoho One

Get in touch with us to get a customized Zoho One to suit your business needs. Our experts will understand your business, work with you closely, migrate all your data to Zoho One, and be available to help you anytime.

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